Praise from readers of Sergei Bongart

“In my opinion, this book is one of the most important art books on representational oil painting that I have seen. I was mesmerized by the pictures, and fascinated by Sergei’s story.” —Joseph Rea, artist (Glendale, Az.)

“...The best artist book I have ever seen....” —Bill Frazier, attorney, artist/writer, writes the “Art Law” page for Art of the West magazine (Big Timber, Mt.)

“It’s so well done—you really make Bongart come alive.” —Lewis Bruser, writer (Bremerton, Wa.)

“I was thinking back... to 1984 just after the Reese book came out. I had sent one to Sergei and he called to thank me and tell me how much he enjoyed it. He liked it so much in fact that he said if ever a book was written on him he hoped Mary Balcomb would do it.” —William Reese, artist, former Bongart colleague (Wenatchee, Wa.)

“The immediate delight is in viewing the colorful paintings, and there are quiet places, too, where thoughts can be expanded.” —Del Gish, artist, former Bongart student and colleague (Medical Lake, Wa.)

“The book is beautiful in every way... a visual and emotional delight. I wanted to run into the studio and start painting!” —Marilyn Webberly, artist (Kirkland, Wa.)

“...A magnificent tribute to Sergei....” —Jacques Valin, former Bongart student (Burbank, Ca.)

“Every page, every paragraph is alive and exciting....” —Kanya Bugreyev, former Bongart student (Glendale, Ca.)

“The book is fantastic—beautiful pictures, a well-told story... it weaves the moments of his life into an unforgettable story....” —Earl Washington, retired clinical psychologist, former Bongart student (Lexington, Ky.)

“Balcomb and Bongart—what a super duo. Congratulations on a real contribution to Bongart appreciation!” —Gary Michael, former Bongart student, writes for the Bloomsbury Review (Boulder, Co.)

“I just could not put the Sergei book down. It is the most wonderful art book I ever read.” —Gayle Shinstine, member of the Women Painters of Washington (Lilliwaup, Wa.)

“The book is fabulous!” —Diane McClary, artist, former Bongart student (Federal Way, Wa.)

“...The most beautiful book I have ever seen.” —Cindy Wang, artist (Los Angeles, Ca.)

“Thank you so very much for your beautiful book on Sergei Bongart.” —Valentina Sinkevich, Editor/publisher of Encounters Russian poetry magazine (Philadelphia, Pa.)

“I wish there were words enough to tell how much I am enjoying it” —Frances Brewster, gallery owner (Winthrop, Wa. and Bishop, Ca.)

“...Sumptuous... a lifetime reference... an intelligent, insightful biography.” —Mary Powell, artist (Winthrop, Wa.)

“You have truly created an artistic masterpiece! I have never seen such a beautiful, inspiring, and interesting presentation.” —Louise DeMore, former Bongart student (Los Osos, Ca.)

“...It is a complete joy from cover to cover.” —Alma Lyons, artist (Bremerton, Wa.)

“Congratulations! You created a very special book for a very special and loved man. Thank you, again and again.” —Margarita Pazmany, artist, former Bongart student (San Diego, Ca.)

“Brilliant writing... an engaging story... an art book I couldn’t put down!” —Stuart Vail, Editor/publisher, TheScreamOnline (Los Angeles, Ca.)

“A wonderful work... it’s so much more than we ever expected.” —Mick Davidson, architect (Sonoita, Az.)

“Love that book!” —Lois McFarland, former Bongart student and workshop organizer (Mercer Island, Wa.)