“Sergei Bongart was a masterful painter and teacher, and he remains a beloved figure to all those he inspired. In this new book by Mary N. Balcomb, Bongart re-emerges with all his infectious boldness and passion. Focusing on interviews with his former students, colleagues, and friends, Balcomb presents the artist as a witty and sometimes harsh instructor, but with an unfailingly kind and generous spirit.

“One of the strengths of this book is its prolific illustrations. The works featured span Bongart’s career and reflect the diversity of his oeuvre, and any artist interested in an impressionistic style will benefit from viewing them. The artwork, in fact, is as compelling as the artist’s complex character, and that should come as no surprise, considering Bongart’s uncompromising approach to both his life and his art.”

—Lynne Moss Perricelli

American Artist Magazine